How to Get a Celebrity Endorsement For Your Book – Tips to Get a Quote on Your Book Cover

Getting a celebrity endorsement for your book is one of the easiest ways to promote it.

Readers are much more likely to listen to a well-known expert or media personality saying they can’t put your book down. Not only this but a little ‘celebrity’ magic tends to rub off on you.

I’m not saying that you should write to every celebrity or expert you can think of willy-nilly. However, if there is a tie-in with your book, however tenuous, then go for it.

Many authors are reluctant to approach celebrities for testimonials. Don’t make the same mistake!

Celebrities have egos the same as everyone else. And if your book is getting publicity and media attention, this is also going to benefit them.

You may have to approach 100, even 500, celebrities. But you only need ONE to make a massive difference to your book sales. Does it really matter if 499 tell you to get lost, if you get the one testimonial you’re after? What do you stand to lose? Hurt pride and the time it took to write the letter or email!

It’s never been easier to access celebrities via the Internet. Not only can you use search engines like Google to track them down. Many of them also have Facebook and Twitter accounts. Make it easy for them by writing 5 of your own testimonials. When you contact them, point out that they can choose one of your templates if they wish. Anything that saves them time or having to wade through loads of material, will persuade them of your professionalism.

If you’re feeling daunted, then focus on the positive benefits for you and your book. Quotes will boost your book sales and credibility. And think how great you’ll feel when you see those endorsements printed on your book cover.

High School Quotes

It is safe to say that everyone of us has a distinct memory of their school years, whether you were the star quarterback of your football team or the loser that got his pants “wedgied”, these are moments that you will never forget. One skill that you can develop to make your high school days much more enjoyable, is to learn a good set of high school quotes and sayings. If you’re wondering how quotes and sayings in school can be pretty important, check out the top 5 reasons below:

1) Year book quotes are definitely one of the most important decisions you have to make as a young teenager. If you choose something too corny and emotional, then your friends make fun of you. If you choose something too crazy, then your parents question you. In the end it’s a very fine balance to pick the right quote.

2)School reunions must be among the most nerve wracking experiences possible to man. Many years have passed since your high school days, you still remember something about each of your classmates, and trying to reconnect with them can be downright awkward. This is when a great high school reunion can come and break the ice.

3) Quotes in high school are also very important in terms of studies. Many essays and exam questions can be boosted by a well positioned and relevant quote or saying. While it is difficult to memorize a lot of quotes and sayings in high school, it really doesn’t hurt to have a couple in the back of your mind.

4) School is a place filled with irrational and mean kids. There are bullies, there are those who want to embarrass you and those who just want to hurt you. Your best ammunition for these horrible times is being prepared to psychologically out muscle your bigger opponent. If you are able to provide a funny quote, or comeback when someone is picking on you, they might feel threatened and decide to leave you alone.

5) Girls in junior high can be impressed by the most little things. One of the skills that can help you with your game is being a smooth talker and someone that can make them laugh. You would be surprised just how far a funny or cute quote can get you with a girl if you play your cards right.

So in summary, we can see just how important quotes in high school can actually be. It can help you in your studies, it can help you avoid fights, it can help you get girls, it can help break the ice in high school reunions, and it can make you have fond memories with some solid yearbook quotes.